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Where are all the Does
Milky surf. No good for surfing
Lundy harbour
Pillars of Hercules I don
Where has the water gone
Fishing nets feeling used and unloved
A view while catching my breath
A stream soon to be a torrent
The stream has become a torrent
A view of Lundy harbour
Surreal Loch Fyne Scotland
Amsterdam canal. No Ducks not even plastic ones. they are probable all stoned
An old  barn waiting for renovation
Surreal sunset over the Thames
Surreal sunshine through a Weeping Willow
A surreal view of the Highlands
Lobster potts empty SHAME
Beautiful but how do I get across and stay dry
Breathtaking AAAAH
Tree no mates
Twinkle Twinkle little lights
Got soaked taking this image

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